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MAESTRO GAMES, SPC is a social purpose corporation. Our mission is to provide a non-pharmaceutical alternative to build and maintain mental resiliency for First Responders, Military, Healthcare personnel and their families who are susceptible to Post Traumatic Stress, moral injury, depression, substance abuse, and other forms of distress because of the demands placed upon them.

Orchestra Conductor on Stage


“The Last Maestro™ is a groundbreaking, 


deeply immersive, gesture-controlled virtual


reality (VR) platform that merges music, movement,


and visuals to provide an emotionally compelling &


healing therapeutic experience. 

Each experience takes just a few minutes to complete and can be offered in conjunction with other administered clinical or outreach services. 


Multiple experiences are provided with our subscription program -  as well as access to additional titles whenever they are released. 


Our vision is to link biometrics with our headset data to provide players & clinicians real time analytics for their review.



Yael is a long-time photojournalist who has covered civic unrest, natural disasters, gang violence, as well as the aftermath of genocide, famine and war.  She suffers from PTSD, moral injury, and anxiety.

Her late father, Hyman Swerdlow, was a medical doctor who suffered horrific emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain for most of his life.

But, he loved Bach’s music, almost as much as he loved his wife.  While dying painfully, the only thing that comforted him was the Bach Partita #3.

Yael Swerdlow, CEO
Hyman Swerdlo
Hyman Swerdlow
Image by Barth Bailey


Maestro Games, SPC is a social purpose corporation working with First Responders, Research Institutions & Healthcare Providers to develop wellness and resilience technology.


“The  Last Maestro ™”  is dedicated to creating a world where the healing impact of the Arts, specifically Music, when amplified by technology, are validated, supported and utilized as the first line of defense against the onslaught of society’s mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.


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