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cEO and Founder - Yael swerdlow

Yael Swerdlow is co-founder of the Women's Empowerment Foundation, as well as a board member of the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles and Shelters for Israel.  Formerly, she was co-chair of the national leadership council of Games for Change. 

A longtime award-winning photojournalist, Yael also writes fiction, including the cinematic script for Activision’s best-selling video game, “True Crime:  Streets of LA” and is a consultant for USC’s groundbreaking Gamepipe Laboratory.   Raised by a Bach obsessed father, Yael passionately believes in the transformative power of classical music.

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CTO - David Shapendonk

David Shapendonk is a 27-year IT veteran in the Entertainment Industry, based in the Los Angeles and Toronto metropolitan areas.  He was the Director for Technical Operations and Information Systems at IMAX Corporation.  His previous development work includes virtual reality (VR) and Hollywood content distribution systems for commercial use.

David’s father introduced him at an early age to the 3 B’s: Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms; as well as other artists from Ella Fitzgerald to Dave Brubeck.  An avid pianist, David has longed believed that music has been an under-rated influence in Hollywood movies and will become a major force in VR entertainment.


CMO - Dr. Hemalee Patel

Dr. Hemalee Patel believes that we each have the power to control our own health using simple lifestyle modifications that can lead to optimal wellness. Her goal is to help patients realize their ability to make positive, healthy changes, and help guide them through this transformation to achieve successful results.

Dr. Patel is board certified in Internal Medicine currently practicing at California Pacific Medical Center. She is also on staff at Stanford University Hospital & Clinics, where she was previously a Clinical Instructor, and is a part-time wellness physician at Crossover Health-Facebook Headquarters. Known as a leader in the lifestyle medicine movement, Dr. Patel is a frequent speaker on topics related to empowering and educating individuals using the latest advances in health and wellness so they can prevent and control the development of chronic diseases and achieve balanced lifestyles. She also speaks about how lifestyle approaches can optimize energy levels and productivity.


Maestro Games Advisory Board

                   •       Keith Boesky – Strategic Partnerships

                   •       Thea Campbell – Health & Wellness Partnership

                           •     Richard Peterson –Tourism, Culture and Education Partnerships

                   •       Rob Holliman – Philanthropy and Grants

                   •       Steve Miska – Military Partnerships

                   •       Robert Vijay Gupta – Celebrity Board Advisor


Additional Partners

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Sea Monster specializes in the creation of beautiful, memorable and unique 2D-animation, as well as the development of engaging games for work or play. Whatever the digital platform, Sea Monster uses it to tell stories.



Dell Computers is providing Maestro Games with VR and computer technology, as well as development and after market product support.